Deployments and Sex Appeal


June 14, 2013 by Dawn McKay

Wild Girls, Wild NightsWhen I joined the US Air Force there were almost no women in my careerfield. I learned to be “one of the guys”. If you did your job, they didn’t care if you were a skirt or not. Rare, but true. I appreciated them and the world I’d signed up for.

What I didn’t appreciate was that I could give my life but Uncle Sam could tell me who to sleep with. As a result, my relationships in the service had to be discreet. Most of them were snatches in time. Since what we were doing was “forbidden” by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, they were always laced with an edge of danger.

In my story Hot Desert Nights, I tell you one of those encounters. The desert is hot, the nights are long, and for one brief instant, two women found comfort in each other’s arms.

There are an amazing amount of wonderful true stories to be read in Wild Girls, Wild Nights and it was an honor to share my story with you all.

An excerpt from Hot Desert Nights for your pleasure…

They tell you about the heat of the desert, and the sand. God, how I hate the sand. It was 2005 and we were deep in the heart of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, military speak for gay is a dirty secret.

I was three months in to a six-month deployment when all hell broke loose. Casualties were incoming, and my section had been activated as manpower. We would be moving patients from the choppers to the hospital. All the practice in the world can’t prepare you for what you see. I know. I’ll never forget it.

An hour in, and my mind grows numb. Tears have long since dried on my face. My arms were still strong, responding automatically to my lift partners.

Three hours in, and I don’t even remember my name. I was reaching for the next wounded soldier in the Black Hawk when a hand touched my forearm. I looked up into the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen. She struck me as a fairy. Cute pert nose, short cropped sable hair, jade green eyes, and a smile that nearly knocked me on my ass. She was stunning. “Hang in there,” was all she said, but it was enough. I nodded abruptly, gave a small smile, and pulled the next patient. Throughout the afternoon I saw her half a dozen times, and caught myself looking for her, wishing for that smile to keep me going. I’d noticed she was a captain, so definitely untouchable, but I wanted to get to know her, see that smile to fight off the worst of my day.

After twelve hours we were finally done. The patients were stabilized, settled down for the night, or in the air to Germany. We were released back to our tents for much needed showers. I was returning from my cleansing when I debated hanging with the guys. In my heart I knew they’d laugh off the day, and do whatever they could to ignore the horrors we’d seen. I just couldn’t face it. So I turned to my tent, and there she was. Standing at the flap of my door with her hands behind her back. In a fresh flight suit, smiling. The suit hugged her curves like a second skin. She was damn lovely. I had to be dreaming. My nipples hardened, and I was thankful for the sports bra that covered them.

“Hey. Remember me?” Her voice was low, a sexy rumble I really liked.

“Hey yourself,” I smiled the first genuine smile since the nightmare began. The towel hung around my neck, and I tugged on it to hide my shyness. “You’re not easy to forget.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. And now a word from the editor:

“We’ll be featuring one story a day from the book through June 22, and anyone who comments on any of the posts will be entered in a drawing for one of three free copies of the anthology. You can comment on more than one post and be entered more than once.”

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2 thoughts on “Deployments and Sex Appeal

  1. jlmerrow says:

    Great excerpt! I *really* want to read the rest of that story now! 🙂

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